Friday, June 22, 2012

Sorry For The Silence!

I'm Alive, REALLY!

So sorry for the long stretch of silence here at TACD, but it's been pretty exciting in meatspace*. As you know, we moved into our new apartment at the begining of the month, and it was a disaster. I've shampooed the carpets a stupid number of times, and painted the living room, dining nook, and hallway. Tonight I've just finished masking off the bathroom, and I'll spend most of tomorrow painting that. Oh, and a garden. I put in a vegetable garden in the back of our place, but the yard needed to be tilled and fertilized before it was ready for planting. I also need to finish putting up my fence.

Oh, and my teenage son is with me, so that's fun. Anyone else have a teenager? They're stinky, and bratty, and know everything. My son is on the Autistic Spectrum, which adds a new level of fun to the usual teenage attitude. But I love him, even if he does shut his bedroom door and marinate in his own smell. (I swear it's like a creature's den in there).

Also exciting, I traveled down to Chicago to stay over night with the FABULOUS Lauren of Filing-Jointly...Finally. The idea was to see The Bloggess speak at Litfest, but that didn't pan out as planned. But that's alright, it was a whole lot of fun anyway.

I have been working on a guest post for Lauren's blog, so look for that in the future.

I've got other stuff to talk about, but it's currently half past 2 in the morning here, and I think I just heard the sounds of my husband giving up and going to bed without me, so I'll sign off now.

G'night guys, and regular posts should resume shortly.

In the meantime, what have you been up to?


  1. this and that. bought a boat. you know, the usual.

  2. o0o a boat? I love going out on the water. I'm packing my stuff up, be there soon.