Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Goddamn Bananas

Just a quickie today!

So I always end up having weird and childish conversations full of good-natured bickering. Today my victim was "Doodle". Doodles changed his Status on his IM to "Ate a banana instead of a Mars bar, so to celebrate I shall have a Mars bar" The IM conversation that followed is pasted here for your amusement.

10:38 AM me: How was that Mars bar?
  And bananas are gross by the way

10 minutes
10:49 AM Doodles: What.
10:50 AM WHAT?
  Out of formatting options.
  Bananas are great.
  Take it back,
 me: LOL
  I actually gag at the smell of ripe bananas
 Doodles: NO!
 me: like seriously
10:51 AM Doodles: I love bananas.
  I have at least one a day.
  So easy to eat and digest.
  And tasty.
  We're going to have a big falling out over this I can sense it.
  Unless you change things by eating a banana today.
  Will you eat a banana today?
  To save our friendship?
 me: so does Husband. I tried being nice to him and make banana bread b/c he loves it, but I kept throwing up.
 Doodles: Or are you going to remain self centered.
10:52 AM me: I will eat one if it is Still a little green
 Doodles: So do it for your marriage too.
  Husband is a good man.
 me: I can handle them if they're a little green.
  ripe ones are too strong smelling for me.
10:54 AM I'm totally putting this conversation into my blog.
10:55 AM Doodles: :D
  You may refer to me as Doodles again
 me: I totally will, you can be sure of that
10:56 AM Because it amuses me.
 Doodles: Sexcellent
11:03 AM me: I should print out one of your drawings and put it up here. I have one of Nykolai's pieces up amongst the photos of family.
 Doodles: Oooh

11:16 AM me: Are you drawing me something? You are, aren't you? :D
11:17 AM Doodles: Not right now
 me: :fingerscrossed:
 Doodles: Are you eating a frickin' banana?
  No. Didn't think so.
11:18 AM me: No. But I don't have one. makes a face at you   


  1. you gag at the smell of ripe bananas?!?! pish posh.

    1. Sad but true! I made a video of myself eating a slightly green banana... to save my friendship of course! ;)