Monday, March 19, 2012

Jelly Belly: The Journey From Tubby To Tiny

This is a repost from my old blog.

So we have nicknames for our cats, Data we tend to refer to as "Pants" which is short for 'Crazypants'. Seven we call "Tinycat" for obvious reasons (She's about a third of Data's size).

Well, she won't be tiny for much longer if she keeps up her food consumption. She will eat until the bowl is empty, so we're having to feed her careful amounts. As a result, she will follow us around, mewing piteously, trying to convince us that she is just simply STARVING! When we don't listen, she will try to feed herself. Data will often help her by opening the cabinet door for her, and holding them open, while she gets into the bag of cat food. We then tried leaving their bag of food into a wall cupboard, where, in theory, they wouldn't be able to get to it. Alas, all this accomplished was a lot of banging as they batted at the door from the counter top. So we've since put their food into the linen closet, which has a doorknob. All of their plans come to nothing for want of thumbs.

Seven, however, was undaunted! She had to check the sink area, in case we had forgotten some little tidbit of food she could gobble down. Mind you, there are a few dirty dishes in the sink... I'm bad, I know. But in any case, those dirty dishes lead to this conversation in the darkness of the bedroom while we're trying to sleep.

Darling Husband: *listening to the crashing sounds* They're on the sink again.
Me: I'll get them...
*come back with Seven and Data in tow and we all climb into bed*
DH: Oh hi, Tinycat... why are you sticky?!
Me: She was on the sink.
DH: Is that JELLY on her stomach?
Me: Probably...

Just another typical day in our madhouse.

I tried to embed a video here of the cats, but it seems to be too large. That's what I get for going with HD video, huh? Instead enjoy these photos of Seven in her Holiday sweater.

In other news I've decided to try to keep up with my attempts to lose weight. I feel like if I blog about it here, then I will accountable for my binges. So this will guilt me into sticking with the straight and narrow. So tonight I will take "Current Weight" photos, and then update once a month with photos of my weight fluctuations. Wish me luck!


  1. Ok, first of all, OHMYGOD I WANT YOUR CAT!! She is like a little puff of sunshine and rainbows that I want to put in my pocket and bring everywhere with me. We would watch movies together and have picnics.

    What a great idea to keep motivation for losing weight! I might actually do that as well. I might stop stuffing my face with cookies if I know that the world will have to see the consequences. Mmmm, cookies. Nevermind that idea, I'm going to go have a cookie now. Damn my lack of willpower...

    1. Gah! I'd love a cookie! I think the hardest part is that while I enjoy veggies, and fruit, I have a massive sweet tooth.

      :< I love ice cream

      And Seven would love to go on tiny picnics with you, and have tiny lunches, and watch tiny movies. ^_^