Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Starting My Journey With You

So tonight I had my husband take some photos of me at my "Before" weight. I've been trying to watch what I eat for a week or two now, but I always end up discouraged, and then I think "Ah fuck it" and binge on ice cream.

It has to end.

So I'm going to post here, and hopefully it will help me to identify any binge triggers, and keep me focused on my goal. I currently weight (takes a deep breath) 220lbs. Ugh...... I hate it. Would you believe I used to model? It's true.

That's me at age 15. Here's another taken just after my 16th birthday.

Now I weighed about 110lbs there. I won't try to get down that far. I'd be happy at about 150-160. I'd be healthy at that weight, and that's really what I'm after. So, here goes the photo of me now.

Ugh... Not what I want to look like, at all. (btw, that's my son's room I'm standing in. I don't have Mario Bros. posters in MY room... I have like, Dragon Age and Portal... I have standards yanno. >_>)

For dinner tonight we grilled chicken breasts, in seasoning, and had rice. For lunch I had a green salad with a little chicken on it, and breakfast was yogurt and granola. I'm going to start keeping track of how big my portions are, but I'm already spending my days hungry. I ate dinner at 7pm, and now at 11pm my stomach is growling already.

My next step is to start doing more physical activity. As the weather is getting nicer, I will start walking home from work in the evenings, instead of catching the bus. Also, because I love to watch movies, I want to get a treadmill and I will be happy to walk, or jog on it while the tv is going. It will distract me from the fact that I hate to jog.

I want to wear something cute, and pretty. I want to dress fashionable. And it might sound shallow, but I want guys to stop me in the street and compliment me. It used to happen. It doesn't anymore.

I'm going to reward myself with an entirely new, and more expensive wardrobe when I have lost the weight. Also, I plan on having my entire back tattooed in poppies. Why poppies? Why not?

PS, I would cut you for a doughnut. I mean that.

<3 Till next time!


  1. Losing Weight is evil. Drives me insane. I rely heavy on
    Greatest sites.
    Hit Tons of Protein! Protein is supposed to make you feel Fuller longer. And some of the best advice I've ever been given is to Not drink while you eat. Makes it so you can fit more food into stomach,
    I'm a big fan of 1/2 Cup of Egg whites, 1 oz light cheese, and Veggies, made into a omlette.!!

    1. I guess I'll pick up on MyFitnessPal again. I was using it, and then I got a new phone and didn't install the app again.

      The omelette sounds delicious!

  2. Drink green tea i lost about 2kg in a week just from drinking green tea instead of regular tea. It helps get rid of fluid retention and the antioxidants do wonderful things for you! I've also modified a mug cake recipe to be somewhat healthier than what one would normally be but i'm not sure what you could use to sweeten it because of that thing with the bees.

    1. I'll try the green tea thing. I like tea, so it won't be a hardship.

  3. You can do it, Kat! I loved 'French Women Don't Get Fat' - she has cute stories and great seasonal recipes so you can eat fresh food all year long (plus it made me feel all posh and European instead of gross and hungry). She really focuses on quality over quantity and you'll be amazed to taste the difference. (yes, high-quality food costs a bit more but sticking to the appropriate season can help and you won't have to buy so MUCH food, so it basically evens out). Also, drink TONS of water. Whatever you are drinking, double it. It will help you feel full all day. If water tastes kind of boring, add a little lemon. Tea is okay but water is better.

  4. Irony, it's name is weight loss. I weighed 226 lbs a couple of months ago. I drastically reduced my junk sugar intake. I stopped keeping ice cream, chocolate, cookies, and the like in the house. If I wanted a donut, I went out and bought a donut, or a small thing of icecream. That's it. And lost more than ten pounds, in two months...and then I lost the habit and started keeping ice cream and pudding in the house again. I need to get rid of that habit again.

    And damnit, you are one HOT woman. Tell your husband not to stab or run me over, k?

  5. Hang in there Kat, I'm sure you'll do fine. Ice cream at night is my downfall, I'm trying to substitute it for a baked apple with cinnamon and nutmeg, it curbs the sweet tooth but for some strange reason doesn't have the same mouth feel...