Saturday, February 18, 2012

Captain's Log - The Beginning

Alright, here goes nothing, right?

You know, I stayed awake staring at the backside of my eyelids for hours last night (and consequently did not go into work today, though I probably should have) thinking about this blog.
Well... not THIS blog, as it didn't exist. But the *idea* of this blog. I'd made one months and months ago, about my cats, and didn't do much with it.
Don't get me wrong, they're hysterical, and all 3 of my readers thought I was really funny, but there's only so much you can blog about your cats before you either become a crazy-cat-lady, or you poke your eyes out with a catnip mouse.
Also, quite honestly, I needed a place to vent. I love Wisconsin so very much, but I haven't made a huge number of friends so far, and I don't have many places where I feel it's safe to just let the crazy all hang out. The internet is AMAZING for that. I mean, it's like Wonderland: We're all mad down here.

So, I'm trying to tell myself that I will find my "Voice" eventually, and not worry about it for a bit. So I think I'll just post random crap for a while. Talk about my cats. Oh god, there I go again with the crazy cat lady stuff.
Alright, I'll just get it over with and link to the older blog (secretly I thought I was damned funny in it).
If you don't think I'm funny, just lie to me. It's better that way.

Or don't read my blog at all I suppose... That's probably how it should work. Meh.

OH! Maybe a bit of background, hmm? I'm a mom of one very stubborn teen boy, who spends the Summers and holidays with me. I'm an enthusiastic amateur photographer, and I work at a small company printing photos in their Film and Digital Lab. I also do stupid amounts of bookkeeping to help out their actual Bookkeeper, who is a super nice lady, so I pretend I enjoy it. I'm thinking about going back to school for a degree in Dental Hygiene though, since I'm weirdly obsessed with teeth, and their cleanliness. It might be a good fit! Or not! I have no idea!
I have all kinds of weird habits, most of which, it seems, are amusing to people. My husband says I'm "derpy". Which he uses to mean I'm silly, and goofy; sometimes intentionally, but mostly not.
I read a lot, mostly fantasy and sci-fi, but I enjoy most things. I'm currently reading many classics because I got a Kindle for Xmas, and they have all of the classics that have become public domain available for free download.

Bored yet? Just checking.

Well, it's midnight now, and I really DO have to go in to work tomorrow, as I have things that are due by Monday. But I enjoyed our chat (or is it just a monologue, since I'm really only talking to myself right now?) and I hope we get to know each other better.

G'night Internet!

PS because I am a crazy cat lady, and I can't help myself here's a video of my cat Seven-of-Nine grooming my husband.


  1. Thank you for defining Derp! I heard that term from a Canadian and thought I'd never know.

    I'd love to know what classics you are/were reading, and which you like so far.

    1. I recently finished H.G. Well's The Time Machine (which was a ton creepier than I remember it being the first time I read it), and I'm currently reading Pride and Prejudice. I was reading Cary's Translation of Dante's The Divine Comedy, but I'm afraid that I couldn't get into it. I think I'll give it another go later on, because it's one of those books I feel like I *should* read. I also read "Dracula's Guest" which is a collection of short stories by Bram Stoker, and they're pretty good!
      I have literary ADD sometimes, so I'm actually currently reading Pride and Prejudice, The Complete Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Mammoth Hunters by Jean Auel, The Hound of the Baskervilles, and The Ultimates (a comic book).

      I spend a lot of my time dizzy. :D

  2. Oh my God I love the Crazy Cat Lady video!

    I almost wish I had a beard so my cats could groom me. But then I would have to join a freak show circus and no one would love me and I would get poked a lot by strangers, so I'll just keep watching your video instead.