Sunday, February 19, 2012

People Are Idiots, But Wine Is Good!

I hadn't intended to post today, but I decided it would help me to get into the habit of doing it as frequently as possible.

So my sister-in-law is a pretty awesome person, who happens to have her birthday on April 1st. I want to do something really foolish for this year's April Fool's Day birthday for her, so I am paying for this man "Spandy Andy" to dance for her, and wish her a Happy Birthday and film it. I'm also asking a bunch of my crazy and creative friends to help out by making short clips wishing her a happy birthday from around the world, and then I will edit them all together into one crazy movie for her. It will, I hope, freak her out. In a good way!

I mentioned to a co-worker what I was planning, and he said "I'm really glad I'm not related to you..."

C'MON! This is a brilliant idea! Imagine knowing that someone went through all the trouble to get a dozen or more people to embarrass themselves thoroughly JUST FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY! And you don't even know them all!

I would love it, and I think she will too. I'm going to email Wil Wheaton and sweetly beg him to wish her a happy birthday too, because she would lose her damned mind if he did that. And I think he's a nice enough person to be polite if he refuses.

In other news, I worked today, and I have come to believe that we serve some of the dumbest folks at my store. I have signs on the wall in my lab that say "This way to the bathroom" with a big pointing hand graphic on them. I made them because people were always asking me where the bathroom was, and I thought it'd be nice to have them.
I should have just saved the paper. I even had one lady look DIRECTLY at the sign, and then ask me. *sigh*
But I have tomorrow off, and i have wine, so all things are good in the world of Dandelion.

It occurs to me that the meaning of Captain Dandelion may be a bit obscure, so I'll explain.
A few years ago, I was bouncing around a lot. I didn't really stay for a long period of time anywhere. I was spending a lot of time in London, England and near Glasgow, Scotland but I didn't have a home there. I was sort of an illegal immigrant, kind of. And then when I moved back to America, I didn't know where to stop. I had my Gramma's home, but I was an adult now, and wanted my own place. My son was in NC with his father, on Fort Bragg, and I had lived there before for 9 months, and knew I hated it there in the South.
I wrote a piece of prose about how I felt like a dandelion seed, being buffeted about, with no place to land. And I ended it with "Call me Captain Dandelion".

And something about that felt right. It felt like I'd landed on something that resonated with me. Ironically, not long after I wrote that I met a man I would eventually married and settle down with. And thus that brings me to my current life in Madison Wisconsin, and how I arrived here from California. Yay!

I'm also a bit fuzzy and warm after that glass of wine, which I believe is an indication of a wine deficiency, and that means I should pour myself another glass. *grins*

A toast to the new blog here.

"To absent friends, lost loves, old gods and the seasons of mists. And may each and everyone of us always give the devil his due."
~from Seasons of the Mists by Neil Gaiman


  1. I love this shit!! Please don't stop blogging!

    1. :D I now adore you for being my first follower that I don't know personally. <3!

  2. Love your cats' names. and I love the name "captain Dandelion". I feel all psychic now because just at the moment while I was reading that I looked back up at your name and thought - hmm...Dandelion? Like a dandelion seed? - you answered my question!