Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm Totally a Grownup... I Got This

I got a phone call today, just as I was getting home from work. My nephew, who will be two in August, is in the emergency room. For reasons as yet unknown, his blood sugar is dangerously low, and they can't seem to raise it.
I had other things to say here tonight, but that seems more important. He's the best little kid you've ever seen, and so funny.
I'm an only child, and my husband has a larger family than I do (2 sisters, 1 brother) so when we got married I enthusiastically embraced the idea of having a large, and boisterous family. To my delight they enthusiastically embraced me back.
When it was announced by my brother in law and his wife that they were expecting, I think I was nearly as excited as they were. I love babies, and though I have no plans to have anymore myself, I adored the idea of having a niece or nephew to spoil the hell out of.
I think I must have looked bad when I got the call from my mother in law, because my co-worker put her hand on me.
The good news is they think that it isn't life-threatening, and the doctors are sure it will be treatable once they get the results back, so they know how to treat it.
But send good thoughts his way, and prayers too if you do that sort of thing.

Now, my original plan had been to discuss music, and food, but I think I'm just going to have ice cream and wine make some dinner and watch tv by the phone tonight instead. Because I'm totally an adult, and I got this shit. But I will leave you with a little bit of what I had intended to talk about.

Today at work I was listening to Pandora Radio, and my playlist was based off of Amanda Palmer (if you don't know who she is, listen here "In My Mind" by Amanda Palmer ) and Pandora gave me a band I had never heard of before, and I was instantly taken with them. They're just... awesome. I couldn't stop moving, tapping my toes and snapping fingers along with the song. Thankfully everyone I work with is well used to how "weird" I am, and they no longer ask questions.

So with that build up.. Here's the band.

Katzenjammer - Demon Kitty Rag

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  1. I'm glad your nephew is going to be ok. That's flippin scary! Keep us updated. Ok now I'm going to go listen to your music. I love new music!