Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stupid, Beautiful, Little Face (Language NSFW)

Short blog post tonight. I just had this convo with my best friend via IM.

 Data says "Mom, Y U NO IN MAGIK BLANKIE?"
(We bought an electric blanket and the cats worship it)
BF: lol I would love an electric blanket
I produce like no body heat
I've been getting morning snuggles from Pixi*. She lets me hug and squeeze and pet her for like an hour in the morning. It's not until she gets fed up with being snorgled do I get out of bed
me: Tinycat** is a jerk and will fuck with me until I get up to feed her chubby ass
Omg last night she was having The Mad Arena of Fun Times Hour on my god damned ass
BF: hahaha
me: I was laying in bed, on my stomach, trying to fucking sleep because it was yanno 3am, and she's doing some shitfuck crazy stuff on my ass, no where else on the bed, just my god damned ass
BF: bahahaha
that's so funny
me: And when I finally get fed up, and I get out of bed to do something with her, I look down and she's all happy eyed, staring at me, with her little sock-monkey cat toy in her mouth. And she looked SO HAPPY, like this guy...
So I couldn't be mad at her. I just kissed her stupid little face, and threw the stupid sock monkey down the hall for her

Damn cats. Okay, I will go play Skyrim now, but I promise to sit down on Thursday night or Friday and blog about London. 

*Pixi is my best friend's cat
**Tinycat is our nickname for Seven-of-Nine because she's still about the size of an 8 month old kitten after 2 years. I think it might be partly poor nutrition at the shelter before we adopted her, but I don't know. 

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