Friday, February 24, 2012

Stupid Technology

I have been trying to make a new post, but nothing would load. Tonight I finally installed Firefox (I've been using Google Chrome) and now I can get to you guys again. However I'm no longer in the mood to post anything. Bleh...

I'll leave you with a day in the life of the Captain and her Number One. 

 #1: I'm a good husband. I go get you shit all the time and I totally take care of you. What would you do without me? 

Me: Yeah well I'm a good wife! I totally clean up after you all the time, and wash all your clothes. And when you're home and say "Oh I didn't get to the housework today" I just say "Okay honey, don't worry about it" and clean the house even though I worked all day. 

#1: Yeah well I drive you around, because you don't drive. And I do other stuff. 

 Me: So basically what you're saying is we ...take care of each other? Like... married people are supposed to? 

#1: *silent pause* Shut up. Why do I love you? 

Me: I win.

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